Supply chain efficiency as an engine for development

The Market

The automotive industry is probably one of the most complex sectors in terms of managing the customer’s requirements, with an exasperating competition that is increasingly linked to the overall optimization of production costs.

The components used to make the machines must therefore ensure an advantage in terms of optimization of production cycles, efficiency and reliability throughout the life cycle of the product.

In this context, suppliers increasingly take the role of real partners, able to design (from the perspective of co-design) solutions to suit the different needs of each client, providing a worldwide service that also considers service as one of the most important factors.



The continuous increase in efficiency of production facilities can only be achieved by integrating technologies and components in systems designed to optimize every single step of the production process.

The automotive industry is characterized by the simultaneous demand for reliable solutions that ensure increased productivity, without compromising flexibility and quality.

The precision and execution speed of the systems are the key points to create a real competitive advantage for the customer. In the same way, the safety of the operators, both during production and during the maintenance phases, is fundamental.



Camozzi is constantly investing in the development of mechatronic solutions that ensure the optimization of the entire system, integrating also sensors and diagnostics.

The range of control components, from single valves to valve islands, are designed to interface with the main communication protocols, guaranteeing high performances at all times. In the same way, C-truck fittings, ideal for brake systems, offer the highest reliability.

Specific solutions are realized, respecting the stringent regulations governing the sector. An example is the range of components for the air handling system with lockable tamper and with patented solutions that make both assembly and maintenance extremely easy.